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About Jorge Alves Photographer

Photographer and Photography Trainer

director  Video and Audiovisual Documents  

CAP/IEFP no. EDF 550747/2010 DL



Training Coordinator – Trainer of

Professional Photography Course, Photography Initiation;

Workshops Fashion, Portrait, Weddings;

Freelance Activities as a Photographer

works published in various newspapers, magazines, books and other publications.

Holder of several PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS

Trainer of the Photography School of the Image Workshop (2013-2016)

Teaches Introductory Photography Course at Artur Bual Artistic Circle (2012-2016)

Taught Photoshop Workshop  in the Art and Cultural Circle Artur Bual (2012-2016)

Taught the Photography and Photoshop Course at the “Novos Talentos” Montijo Club (2012)

Taught the Photography and Photoshop Course at Círculo Artístico e Cultural Artur Bual (2011, 2012, 2013)

Head of the Photography Department of the History and Culture Division of Guarda (2011)

Director of ANIF - National Association of Photography Industries -2008 to 2011

Coordinator and Trainer of the “Professional Photography Course” – Advanced course in digital photography at ISLA - Instituto Superior de Línguas e Administração (2009/2010)

He was head of the Audiovisual area of the Guarda Nacional Republicana – (2005 to 2010)

Trainer in Police Photography at the GNR Practical School (2002 to 2006)

Responsible for the Audiovisual area of the Escola Prática da GNR – (1993 to 2003)

Photographer in the Public Relations of the Fiscal Guard – (1985 to 1988)

Director and founder of the Amadora Cinema Center (1980 to 1983)




Photoshop Workshop with Fernando Branquinho (2016)

Adobe Lightroom Course for Professional Photographers by Norbinda Cardoso (2013)

The Society Representing Professional Image Makers (SWPP) – Convention 2012 - London

Workflow in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, with Norbinda Cardoso, at Multicontraste (2011)

File Management Workshop  with Ângela Rodrigues at Multicontraste (2011)

Training Course for Trainers at NHK (2010)

Advanced Photoshop Course at FLAG (2010)

Adobe Photoshop CS 4 course with trainer José Gomes Ferreira (2009)

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom course with trainer José Gomes Ferreira (2009)

Color Management Course with trainer José Gomes Ferreira (2009)

Workshop on Marriage Reporting and Child Portrait. Kake Trainer and Photographer,  (2008)

Fashion Photography Workshop, with photographer Alexandre Serra (2008)

Portrait Workshop, with photographer Paulo Roberto (2008)

Digital Photography Workshop – Raw – Lightroom - Photoshop CS3 Trainer José Gomes Ferreira (2007)

XI Photography and Video Seminar of the Association of Professional Photographers – Caldas da Rainha (2007)

Interaction with the Media Course in Television, Radio and Journalism at CENJOR (Journalists Training Center) 2003;

Digital Photography Workshop with Trainer Ricardo Dias (2002)

Qualification Course in Audiovisual Media at the Army Audiovisual Center (2000)

Post-Production Video Mediaform Course (1997).

Professional Photography Course-Level II by Professor Carlos Marques (Image Workshop) (1996)

Training Course in Audiovisual Media – Laval University/IEFP (1993)

Introductory Photography Course with Professor António Soudo, Centro Cultural Roque Gameiro and ARCO (1982)

Small Format Film Course, Centro Cultural Roque Gameiro (1981)


TECHNICAL PHOTOGRAPHY | Digital photoreproduction of works of Fine Arts:


Photograph from the catalog of the “Adão Rodrigues Exhibition – 50 years of painting” (Museu de Setúbal, 2009);

Photography and cooperation with the Jury of the “I FRP Painting Biennial – Fundação Rotária Portuguesa” (Coimbra, 2009)

Photography for a book by the Plastic Artist of Luz Henriques (2008/2009);

Photograph from the Institutional Catalog of the Art Gallery “First Gallery” (2007-2008)

Cover of the Ernesto Neves Catalog “Sons do Jazz” (2007-2008)

Photograph of the book “Pintura Contemporânea Portuguesa”, Oro Faber Edition (2007-2008)



Group Exhibition at the Ponta Delgada Arts Center – Azores (2013)

III Contemporary Art Fair in Amadora (2012)

Collective Exhibition at Vila Alva Sintra-Sintra City Council (2012)

II Contemporary Art Fair in Amadora (2011)

Collective Art Exhibition at the Civic Center of Barcelona (2011)

I Contemporary Art Fair in Amadora (2010)

III Exhibition of Plastic Artists of the National Republican Guard at the Fitares Gallery, (2001)

II Exhibition of Plastic Artists of the Republican National Guard - Fitares Gallery (2000)

1st Exhibition of Plastic Artists of the National Republican Guard - Queluz National Palace (1999)

Exhibition of photographic work by the cast of “Terra Mãe” - Centro Comercial Colombo (1998)  

Photography Exhibition “Aquarius” APAF

Exhibition of photographic work by the Telenovela Cast Studio, “Terra Mãe” NBP, at the T-Club

Exhibition of photographic work by the cast of “Terra Mãe” at Centro Comercial Colombo.  

Photography Exhibition “Aquarius” at the Municipal Store in Loures.

Launch of the book “Aquarius”, of his authorship.

Individual exhibition of works in slideshow Portuguese Association of Photographic Art (1992)

Inter-Partner Exhibition at the Portuguese Association of Photographic Art (1992)

Collective Exhibition at the Parish Council of Santo António de Cavaleiros (1990)

Group exhibition on Environment at Amadora City Hall (1986)

Collective exhibition at Fotovisão  at the invitation of the photographer Prof. Carlos Marques (1988)


Co-Director of the film “Anucha” selected for the “International Film Festival for Children and Youth” (Tomar, 1984) and for the “Young Filmmaker Film Festival” (Porto, 1983)


“Club of the Year” award given by the Federation of Cinema and Audiovisuals to the Cinema Club of which he was Director (1982)

8mm reportage for the Amadora City Council (1982)

Short-film director Small Format Cinema and collaborator, requested by other directors as responsible for image (1982)


Photography  of topics related to Archeology and Heritage Defense (1977)


Plastic Arts Area, in reproduction of works of art and photography from atelier to Plastic Artists, including: Ernesto Neves, Luís Vieira-Baptista, Luz Henriques, Hans Varela, Rogério Timóteo, Filipe Amaral. Carlos Viseu, PTP, Firmo Silva, Mário Silva, Edmundo Cruz, Lena Gal, Nadir Afonso.




AUDIOVISUALS | Realization



“Entry of Goods in National Territory” (1998)

“Support for Victims of Domestic Violence” (1999)

“SOS Line – Environment and Territory” (2006)



“Reborn in Knowledge (2000)

“Expofinques” (Lisbon, 04 2004)

“Linha Ambiente” – MAI - Ministry of Internal Administration / Ministry of Environment (2005)

“Republican National Guard | Institutional Video” (2006)

“Latitude 60 - International Polar Year”, Responsible for the image, with director Cristina Teixeira (2008)


FASHION videos:


In Dublin (2003)

Director of several videos for the Moda WTV channel project (2013)




Exhibitions (2003)

Exhibitions (2004)

Road Education Campaign (2007)



Initiation in Photojournalism - Revista Juvenil  “New People” (1979).


Collaboration in Photography PUBLICATIONS | Landscape, Environment, Fashion, Portrait (in MAGAZINES):

“Cerimony” ● “Portuguese Pharmacy” ● “Quality” ● “Revista da Ordem dos Farmacêuticos” ●

“Provendig” ● “Villas & Golf”.


"Loures-Horizons in Challenge" (1997)

"Aquarius" by Jorge Alves (1998)

"Report and Accounts - Encode (1999)

"Report and Accounts - Encode (2001 )

"Report and Accounts - Encode (2003 )

"Report and Accounts - Encode (2004 )

"GNR Gala Concert" (2006)

"Ernesto Neves - Sound of Jazz" (2007)

"Adão Rodrigues - 50 Years of Painting (2008)

"Maria Viana, 30 years of Jazz" (2009)

"PTP" (2009)

"Painting 1/2 Century... hinge of a millennium" (2010)  

"Adão Rodrigues - Half a century)

"The Book of Thought and Dream" by Carlos Pé Leve (2012)

"0 Figure- Informal Tribute to José-Luís Ferreira (2013)

"Synergies" by Luz Henriques (2014)

"Nude Art, Beauty and Form" by Luís Viegas Mendonça (2015)

"António Homem Cardoso" (2020)


CLIENTS / References:


ANA WILSON, School of Models ● ANF – National Association of Pharmacies ● APPH – Portuguese Homeopathy Association ● Portuguese Association for Quality ●  Balingrafic ● Livraria Cabeçudos . Artur Bual Artistic and Cultural Circle. CML – Loures City Council ● Casa da Imagem ● CEL-CAT ● Chancela Real - Editora ● CLIMEX, SA ● CODIFAR - Distribution Cooperative  Pharmaceuticals, CRL ● Compagnie Générale des Eaux ● General Directorate of Health ● Embassy of Andorra ● Embassy of Austria ● Embassy of Turkey ● Ernesto Neves (Plastic Artist)  ● School of Photography Workshop of Image. Farmacoop, CRL ● FS – Parties and Dreams – Social Events,  Ltd ● Firstgallery ● International Photo Library ● FRP – Portuguese Rotary Foundation ● National Republican Guard  ● Print SUA – Artes Gráficas, Lda. ●Optical Institute ●  Military Laboratory ● Pharmacy Museum ● NBP – Nicolau Bryener, Productions ● Order of Pharmacists ● Oro Faber ● PIXILART  ● PORTWAY ● PROFIMAGEM, Lda. ● PSIFARMA – Health Marketing ● Quinta das Mordomias . Sacoor Brothers. CML – Municipal Services of Loures ●  TRANE – Air Conditioned (Mexico) ● UDIFAR – Union of Pharmacists of Portugal 

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